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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An interview with Shawn Dickinson

Hello SpookyCreepyCool peoples. I have another fun filled, action packed, exciting treat for all of you. Super coool, hip, groovy, artist Shawn Dickinson was kind enough to answer some more SuperCreepyCool Halloween interview questions. So please enjoy this treat from 

Shawn Dickinson

What is your favorite memory of Halloween as a child?

"My earliest favorite Halloween memories was when all the spooky Halloween cartoons and monster movies aired on TV. That was the one time of year when even the lame stations played cool stuff! Then I'd go trick 'r treating...The houses I liked going to the most were the ones where the neighbors transformed their houses into scary HAUNTED houses, and they'd usually dress up as a ghoul or something, hide behind the bushes and wait for me, then scare the living crud out of my 6 year-old poop shoot!"

What is your favorite memory of Halloween as an adult?

"Getting trashed with all my creepy friends, dressed up as a ghoul or something. Then hide behind the bushes and scare the crap out of some 6 year-olds, or elderly folk, or the milkman. And sometimes we'd even do that during Halloween!"

What is your idea of the perfect Halloween?

"Having the perfect Halloween bash...lots of friends, lots of creepy decorations, lots of costumes, lots of spooky records,  lots of Halloween cartoons and monster movies, and lots of beer and junk food!"

What was your favorite Halloween costume?

"Surf Fink! I made my own mask, complete with warts and veiny eyeballs! Then I roamed the neighborhood with my surf board and exposed my hairy back."

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

"Chocolate eyeballs! They come in both fudge and peanut butter flavors! I usually try to buy extra bags of them so I can eat eyeballs till next year!"

What are some of your favorite Halloween attractions?

"Usually attractions that my own pals put together, parties or rock shows. I love when my favorite spooky surf/garage bands play Halloween shows!"

What are some songs and bands that really get you into the Halloween spirit?

"My favorite spooky surf band of all time, The Ghastly Ones ("Haulin' Hearse")! I also like lots of vintage Halloween records from the 60's , The Ghouls ("Dracula's Deuce") and The Deadly Ones ("There's a Creature in the Surfer's Lagoon", "Igor Goes Surfing"). I have so many favorite records!"

What are some movies that get you into the Halloween spirit?

"Mad Mad Monster Party, The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini, Monsters Crash the Pajama Party, and lots of other cheesy Halloween themed 50's/60's B-movies. Also lots of horror movies by Hammer Studios featuring sexy Hammer babes, and starring Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing. I also love Nosferotu...the creepiest movie of all time!"

What are some of you favorite Halloween TV specials?

"I love when they show old spooky black & white haunted house cartoons...especially early 30's Fleischer and Ub Iwerks cartoons featuring ghosts, ghouls, and dancing skeletons."

Who are some of your favorite artists out there doing Spooky, Creepy, Cool type artwork?

"My favorite artists who drew monsters and creepy characters were Basil Wolverton, Jack Davis, Dick Briefer, and Wally Wood, and lots of the older guys.  Also love all the Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth art. Current artists include my pals Eric Pigors, Ben Von Strawn, and Australian cartoonist Lluis Fuzzhound."

What are some of your inspirations for creating Spooky, Creepy, Cool artwork?

"I watch lots of old cartoons - Fleischers, Ub Iwerks, etc. ..Also lots of old MAD and EC comics, Creepy Magazine, Eerie Magazine, old monster trading cards drawn by Basil Wolverton and Wally Wood, monster album covers drawn by Jack Davis, monster decals from the 60's, Rat Fink monsters, etc. "

Do you have anything you are working on currently that we can all look forward to?

"I'm working on some brand new comic books featuring all my own characters, Schitzles Der Cat, Rocky Arachnid, etc. Unfortunately, I have to work on my own projects (for fun) in between my other freelance work (for meat), so they usually take a while to get them finished."

Where can we go to see and purchase your artwork?

Check out my art blog: 

Any Spooky, Creepy, Cool parting words?

"Life is like a zit - you gotta squeeze all you can out of it!"

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