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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Far-Out! Ghastly One's comic. This thing is a real gas.

Wow! What I groovy weekend. The mail person is my new best friend. Until the end of the month that is. Bill time is a drag.

I opened my mail on Saturday to find the coolest of cool treats. My Ghastly One's t-shirt package from Eric Pigor's had arrived. 

Dig the hip t-shirt, poster, and comic. I mean really, that is one stylish design. Adding another super cool poster to my Unkle Pigor's art collection is a thrill. But for this post I really want to talk about the Comic book.

HOLD ON A MOMENT! Stop everything. 

You should probably stop reading this.

You are still reading, aren't you? Good. I meant after I tell you this very important info. 

Seriously. Listen up.

Before you read further you need to go grab your Ghastly One's music. Now take that thing and put it in your music player and crank it up. If you do not have the Ghastly Ones tunes, I'd seriously suggest getting on-line and picking some of that stuff up. Itunes and Amazon both carry their tunes. OR better yet...Go to their website http://www.ghastlyones.com/main.htm . At the very least you can go to the Youtubes and play a video or two. Really it adds to the experience.

OK you should be ready to read this now.

So yeah The Ghastly One's comic. WOW!

So much crazy, wacky art to pleasure your eyes. This dealio was written and created by one of Norman Cabrera (Baron Shivers) of The Ghastly Ones and The Finksville 5. The book was drawn, lettered and inked by one of the coolest, hippest cats around, Shawn Dickinson. Seriously, go check this cat's other work out too. You can see his stuff here http://shawn-dickinson.blogspot.com/ .

Oh man this thing has so much cool action and excitement. So much to look at. I mean really, it has Giant Killer Robots, Gigantic Spiders, Spooky Old Castles with Mad Doctors, Evil Shriners in little cars and those funny little hats. Why do they wear those things anyway? Aw who cares. Anyway...It has 50 ft. Babes, giving a new meaning to the term "Big-uns". It has Killer Tikis, A crazy bad ass Biker Gang, and a super hip Beatnik (Daddy Ghoul). Seriously. This book has all of the hip beach partying you can handle, and more. This thing even educates. You will learn all of the lingo you need to navigate Coolsville and impress your Friends. 

So much cool beachy fun. After I read this thing I had to shake the sand out of my drawers, and I live in Indiana. 

I'm not sure about the current availability of the comic but I'd track it down if you can.

Stay Spooky.

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