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Saturday, October 1, 2011

WOW! It begins. Halloween season is upon us.

Hello SpookyCreepyCool fiends.

It begins, the Halloween season is upon us. 

I spent the first day of October enjoying the cool crisp fall air, enjoying the orange, brown, yellow, and green trees. Coming from Southern California this is still something new and special for me. I've been here in Indiana for about 3 Halloweens now, this being my 4th. I gotta say, as much as I miss Cali., I sure do love the fall here. Being a Halloween nut, this is just the perfect place to be this time of year. I just love it.

Unfortunately, not everybody gets to experience the wonders of Fall. Fortunately their are an amazing amount of frightfully gruesome Halloween goodies to enjoy this time of year for one and all. Here a a few things for all of you Halloween freaks, fiends, and ghouls to enjoy this Halloween season.


Everybodies favorite Unkle... Unkle Pigors has a ton of kooky, creepy goodies and specials for all of you sick kiddies over at www.toxictoons.com

First up Unkle Pigors has his October raffle with a chance to win with every $20.00 spent at www.Toxictoons.com. With the insanely cool prizes he has to offer Pigor's raffles are always a treat. Just look at this.

Pigors makes it so easy with a slew of new specials for October. Check these out.

Do yourself a favor and mosey on over to www.toxictoons.com. While you are there Pick up his new artbook Death's Casket. Lots of awesome artwork cram into your eye holes.

The Zombified

Having a Halloween party? Well The Zombified has an awesome Free Printable Party Pack available for download at her site here...

Free Printable Halloween Party Kit

While you are at it take a look at her very cool artwork over at http://www.thezombified.com/blog/

Creature Feature

Fans of creepy, scary, fun music? Check out Creature Feature. Creature Feature embodies the Halloween spirit. With music that is both scary and fun like a day at the carnival spookhouse. Creature Feature is on the verge of releasing their sophomore  release It Was A Dark And Stormy Night with artwork by the insanely talented artist Gris Grimly.

Their newest single is avaialble right now on Itunes and their Bandcamp site.




Also over at Creature Feature's site they recently made available, their limited edition Halloween t-shirt with only 666 available. I got my order in.

If you like Creature Feature you should also check out Curtis RX's solo project Rufus Rex. Rufus Rex's first album Dead Beat is due for release October 11th and available for pre-order right now. You can go to the official site to listen to some Rufus Rex here...


Evil Pumpkins

And last but not at all least Their are Evil Pumpkins. These awesome handcrafted pumpkins are made by Tanya Coffinberry and available over at her Etsy site here...


These evil little guys are perfect for decorating your crypts and mausoleums. Handmade with Dirt from the Evil Dead cabin down in Tennessee. Here is what they have to say about these evil little creations.

"A little Evil goes a long way! Every one of our handmade pumpkin sculptures is made with an added pinch of "evil dirt" from the fireplace from the actual Evil Dead cabin here in Tennessee. We also make keepsake jewelry vials filled with a small amount of the same "evil dirt". Whether you want to wear some evil around your neck or celebrate it with an Evil Pumpkin we can fit the bill! Our evil dirt is authenticated here: http://www.jeanoroid.com/evildead"

Anyway SpookyCreepyCool fiends those are just a few things to help get you into the Halloween spirit. Happy Halloween shopping.

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